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IQD Frequency Products is an IQD Group company backed by a pedigree that has been developed over 40 years. IQD Frequency Products is a recognised market leader in the frequency control market. 


With active customers in over 60 countries, IQD offers one of the most comprehensive frequency product ranges available, from low cost commercial grade product to that used in high reliability military and professional grade applications, including:

Quartz Oscillators Quartz Crystals 
Crystal Clock Oscillators
Crystal Clock Oscillators 
Fast make oscillator Fast Make Oscillators

Automotive and Industrial Oscillators
Industrial & Automotive Crystals (AEC-Q200 & TS16949 release with full PPAP)

GPS-disciplined GPS Disciplined OCXOs
Rubidium Oscillator Rubidium Oscillator


IQD's full range of products is available direct or via their nation-wide distributors, one of which is Gateway.

Customer Partnerships

IQD take a partnership approach to working with both their customers and distributors. Both IQD and Gateway boast experienced multilingual Sales and Application Support teams, available to guide customers from design stage through to full production. IQD’s products are specified by leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, medical and military industries throughout the world. IQD works with several premier chip-set designers on a variety of key projects and hold approvals on a number of products including high specification oscillators.

Engineering Support Services

IQD's engineering teams do joint customers visits to provide full application support assistance for new project designs & problem resolution along with custom product design and sample development for prototype testing. Their product testing services include full electrical testing for both crystals & oscillators, frequency/temperature testing with customer specific ramp-profiles, product burn-in, heat-soak & accelerated ageing, product screening for specific electrical parameters, crystal test data for electrical modelling (i.e. motional parameters) and a full circuit characterisation service.

Quality and Customer Service

Quality and customer service are the cornerstones of both companies' ethos. Both Gateway and IQD are absolutely focused on consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Continuous investments are being made to assure customers of the highest standards throughout the businesses and regularly welcome customer and other audits.  IQD's quality management system is constantly evolving to meet the changing requirements of the electronics industry.

Technology Partnership

IQD have a strategic technology partnership with Statek Corporation that allows them to offer their unique range of ultra-miniature quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors in addition to their own product range. Statek’s photolithographic process based products offer very high environmental performance particularly suitable for military, avionic and ‘down-hole’ applications.

IQD has expertise covering both high precision quartz crystals and tight tolerance oscillators, and their flexible designs allow for straightforward adjustment to suit individual customer needs. IQD FOQ's OCXOs satisfy a wide range of applications including base stations, repeater stations, instrumentation, medical and measurement equipment.

The IQD franchise has been held by Gateway since its inception in 2000. Gateway offers a considerable standard profile of components from stock and also provides customers with access to factory stock of IQD products, alongside highly competitive leadtimes on parts not in stock. Gateway's technical support staff can work with customers to help define any customer's bespoke specifications to meet any exacting product requirements for frequency applications.

IQD Frequency Products

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