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The best thin film chip resistors on the market, period!!


Susumu's thin film resistors demonstrate thin film at its best. Precise, stable, accurate, reliable and high frequency performance with minimal noise into GHz range.

Susumu have been a specialist in thin film resistor technology for over 50 years. Established in 1964 Susumu have invested heavily in their research and development programme allowing them to become a market leader in thin film.

Susumu’s corporate culture of ‘no compromise’ against the toughest challenges means the company is renowned for it’s expertise in thin film technology and it’s highly reliable product range.


Susumu have combined four key technologies into one:

  • Thin film deposition technology (Plasma CVD, Sputtering, Vacuum evaporation, etc.)
  • Precision photo-etching technology (Planar and curved surface etching)
  • Precision laser machining technology (Pattern formation, Trimming, Scribing, etc.)
  • High density packaging technology (BGA, Minute chips, etc.)

Susumu's RG series thin film resistors are renowned for being the most reliable and accurate thin film resistors on the market. The RG series, with it’s inorganic passivation, relizes less than /- 0.25% drift after 10,000 hour stress tests. All of Susumu’s products are RoHS compliant.


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