TT Electronics launch an Shielded Surface Mount Inductor

TT Electronics have released a HM/HA73E-10 Series Surface Mount Inductor. It is miniature power inductor targeted for high reliability automotive and industrial applications. Its mechanically robust design maximises the inductance and high saturation current for better performance.

This part is magnetically shielded for lower DC resistance. The series offers a higher saturation current capability and low temperature rise performance. this inductor is well suited for high power density applications such as high efficiency DC-DC Converters with rated current up to 65 amps.

The applications of the product involve:

  • Transportation
    • Powertrain
    • Engine Control
    • Transmission Control
  • Industrail
    • Switch mode power supply
    • Automation System
    • DC/DC Converters

For this particular series TT Electronics can offer custom design tweaks per individual customer requirement. This product offers superior performance in a compact package.
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