TT Electronics have released the MFC4320 – Metal Foil on Ceramic Chip Resistors

MFC4320 is a metal foil on ceramic chip resistor in 4320 size with values from 2 to 50mΩ, aimed at current sense applications. The high power rating of 5W means that this is ideal for highly compact current sensing in the 1 to 50A range.


• Low ohmic values to R002 minimise power loss.
• Low TCR improves the temperature stability of the circuit.
• Metal foil on ceramic technology has better surge tolerance than thick-film, enhancing product reliability.
• Metal foil on ceramic technology has lower self-heating than thick-film or metal strip, enhancing product

For circuit designers who need to make stable current measurements up to 50A in a compact circuit we provide MFC4320 which provides lower power loss and lower temperature sensitivity than key competing parts.

MFC4320 has very limited competition, with a number of significant players having no product in this size. Relative to the competing part identified, MFC4320 offers wider ohmic value range and lower TCR.

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