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Gateway Electronic Components was founded in 2000 by a team of industry professionals time-served in the franchised components distributor sector, all sharing a passion for service excellence with a Cando attitude.

We believe that getting it right in the distributor sector is like preparing a good meal, hence we adopted the Chef metaphor to illustrate this.

We have worked tirelessly with our chosen manufacturer principals to assemble the Finest Ingredients from their store-cupboards, and we ensure those ingredients are thoughtfully combined within our Best Recipes by our Top Chefs.

We then provide our customers with a blend of Supply Chain and Value-added Services to enhance the flavour and value of our solutions, all managed within our ISO9001 accredited kitchen.

We hope you approve of our ‘cuisine’, and hope that the ‘flavours’ that we offer make you want to come back for more. We welcome any feedback you may have to help us improve our recipes.

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