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µPOL Technology by TDK

In todays constantly advancing society we are becoming ever more connected with one another, allowing for further advancements and growth. This is facilitated by the amazing telecommunications networks that we have developed and the use of both small scale and large scale server networks. This infrastructure requires vast amounts of power to keep it all functioning and providing the services we have become dependent upon, that’s where the new µPOL Technology from TDK comes in.

µPOL Technology
µPOL Technology

The µPOL Technology provides lots of benefits over current DC-DC power modules, such as its smaller size when compared to individually packaged ICs. The smaller package size and low profile allows the µPOL to be placed on a PC board very close to its loads (such as an FPGA or ASIC) whilst sharing a heat sink covering both packages. The µPOL can also be mounted to the backside of a PCB creating more space on the topside of the board for components such as memory or ICs.

FS1412 is a 12 A DC-DC power module featuring a Vin range of 4.5V to 16V with a Vout of 0.6V to 1.8V, Iout of 0A to 12 A and an operating temperature range of -40 degrees to +125 degrees contained within the compact size of 4.9mm x 5.8mm x 1.6mm can you really ask for more. It provides the best power density for its compact size, and provides simple design stages as it comes with integrated MOSFETs/Driver, Inductor and Regulator.

With the new FS1412 µPOL power module being an ideal fit for applications such as big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G cells, telecommunication, IoT and much more why hesitate.

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