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EDS Show 2017

Using the latest technology from franchised manufacturers IMO and Siretta, the Top Chefs at Gateway created a game which eggs-emplifies the power and flexibility of each manufacturers’ products.

The main control system uses the IMO iView, an eggs-tremely versatile HMI with an easy to use graphical user interface. Programmed by Gateway’s Top Chefs, the iView provides a simplified front end to a complex system. Throughout the game the iView constantly updates pre-defined data registers, producing the question and answer set. To generate a timer the iView is connected to IMO’s iSmart PLC via RS232 link. The iSmart has a built-in timer which is accessed via a data register, and this in turn is read by the iView. At the end of the game the users data is transferred into a file which is then sent in an email to Gateway HQ. This email is then extracted, automatically updating the online scoreboard and at the same time sending an email to the player to inform them of their score.

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