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Ferrite in Automotive

Ferrite in Automotive
Ferrite in Automotive

The automotive industry is huge and the technology involved is constantly evolving from the initial “Benz Patent-Motorwagen” first presented in 1886 to the modern day Tesla Model 3 a lot has happened and the technology involved is significantly different. All of the advances of technology require one crucial thing however… Power! With the drive towards hybrid and electric vehicles the technical challenge is placed upon the power conversion systems.

In these vehicles high voltage batteries supply the power to the motor as well as to the other electronic systems, this requires several stages and types of energy transformation. Magnetic design has a great impact on the efficiency as well as the weight and cost of a solution. Ferrites can be applied within various parts of the vehicle from simple lighting to Battery chargers and even the antennas to allow for passive entry and passive start!

For our first example we will look at the stop start functionality that some vehicles come equipped with to optimise fuel consumption. When the clutch is pressed (or brake released for automatics) the engine starts quickly again using high power starter motors, during which the battery voltage drops from 12 Volts to 10 or lower. A boost DC/DC converter is required to maintain a stable power supply to all other electronic systems (such as the lights, radio etc). Ferrite materials with high Bsat and low loss at every temperature are great for inductors within the boost DC/DC converter.

For the second example we will look at hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric vehicles where electrical power conversion is a key parameter in the vehicles autonomy and efficiency. This is due to the fact that electrical power is generated, stored and consumed all at different levels and frequencies between the different systems. Each conversion step required can utilise Ferrites for example filtering for protecting against certain frequencies, or simply transformation.

All of these examples show just how pivotal ferrite cores are in the design of modern vehicles and Gateway can offer all of the “standard ranges of cores with its strong ties to the industry leading manufacturers. However sometimes the “standard” offering of cores doesn’t exactly fit your specific design requirements (due to size restraints, electrical performance etc). Well don’t worry as Gateway also has an inhouse machine shop that specialises on machining ferrites to the highest quality and to customers exact requirements.

Should you have any questions or enquiries please contact us using any of the following!

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