Gateway Electronic Components



Gateway has designed a range of solutions to augment the product benefits of its linecard. Its goal is to help customers drive efficiencies into the way they procure products and then turn those efficiencies into advantages for their businesses.

The Gateway kanban for G4S

Gateway doesn’t only maintain stock for the brands it represents, but since inception, it has been working with global OEM and CEM accounts to design and implement a range of logistic solutions for its customers. It thus augments the product benefits of its linecard and helps customers drive efficiencies into the way they procure products. Customers have in the past reduced their total cost of acquisition, waste and downtime. With Gateway's help, some have decreased their design-to-market time whilst upholding quality standards. Thanks to Gateway's value-added solutions, customers realise their true production potential.

For a more detailed explanation of some actual customer engagements please see our case studies.

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