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Quality Solutions

Quality Solutions

Gateway is committed to upholding the quality standards set out in the procedures of the accreditation bodies to which it belongs, but it also prides itself in providing solutions to generic and customer specific issues where a viable solution can be designed.

Inspection procedures at GatewayGateway performs a rigorous and detailed inwards inspection process to all receipts made into its premises; but will offer customers enhanced inspection support to ensure that additional levels of standards are maintained, including enhanced visual inspection, testing, counting and marking services. Gateway will decant into customer specified supply multiples; have product reeled or re-reeled; affix customer specific labelling to product; and if required will house the parts in dedicated customer specific locations.

Gateway can offer electronic testing services to check for product provenance and integrity as well as offering a service to replace ROHS compliant plating or terminations with SnPb .

All these services are governed by our stringent quality control and inspection procedures.

For more information about our approach to our quality initiatives, please see our Quality page.