Supply Chain Solutions

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Supply chain solutions

More than two-thirds of the cost of component acquisition is attributable to non-components’ costs such as purchasing, planning and expediting; transportation and packaging; goods inwards inspection and receipt processing; warehousing and stock management; shortage resolutions and obsolescence management; residual and excess stock write-off; pre-production planning, kitting, component management, assembling and programming; and invoice processing and reconciliation.

Gateway has a wealth of experience and management expertise in constructing supply solutions that focus on reducing the costs of acquisition. In parallel, we aim to keep a constant downward pressure on component prices through our product solutions programmes.

Our analytic process allows customers to determine which items from the bills of material they want to include in the programme. They also tell us what support features would help them minimize work and costs. On our end, based on dynamic modelling, we assess demand patterns at line level to determine appropriate buffer stock levels, taking into account lead-time and demand vagaries. Then we structure a bespoke supply solution to minimise the amount of inventory needed within your business. Finally, we and agree with you a replenishment pattern that ensures you have no production down-time.

In addition, you can call product off using one of our electronic trading solutions (or even ask us to construct an e-solution matched to your specific needs), and have it delivered ‘direct-to-line’ on a ‘just-in-time’ arrangement. In line with our ESG guidelines, we use replenishable ‘green’ containers that we both deliver and collect so as to minimise the product handling within your premises.

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