Gateway Electronic Components

Value Added Solutions

Value Added Solutions

Gateway offers a host of facilities to help smooth the flow of products through your production system, by fulfilling some of the pre-production tasks and having the parts ready for immediate insertion or assembly.

Gateway delivers

Production kitting.

The correct components suitably labelled, in the correct multiples to match with your build plan. Designed to replace your own pre-production kitting system and let you concentrate on manufacturing and assembly.

Component and device services

These include cropping, pre-forming, marking, reeling, moisture sensitivity level packaging, re-baking and programming.

Component selection services

These include capacitor tolerance selection and dedicated LED binning.

Vendor managed inventory programmes and Kanban supply solutions.

Product delivered directly to your production line-side locations on an agreed weekly frequency by Gateway fulfilment staff bypassing your goods inwards inspection procedures to ensure you never run out of stock, but never carry too much stock either.

Cable harness design and components assembly service.

Using our in house expertise or our associations with specialist cable and component assembly houses we can integrate this into the rest of our solutions packages to save you time, and money.