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Engineers can find a multitude of sources to assist them with the design of silicon but what about the “humble” passive component? High service providers and broadline distributors are the natural choice for commodity SMT capacitors and resistors but where can an engineer get the design support they need when looking for specialist passive components?

Gateway is a specialist component distributor focusing on 4 areas, Ferrite, Power, Industrial IoT and specialist passive components.

Focus on Ferrites

Gateway are the franchised ferrite specialist distributor and more . Not only to we stock in depth, EPCOS/TDK and Ferroxcube cores but we also have extensive and sophisticated in house gapping and machining facilities. Our team justifiable states that if you can draw it we can make it. We can machine protypes from solid blocks/pucks to prove designs prior to manufacturer tooling for production, build complex assemblies and cut/machine to an accuracy of down to 0.005mm.

Instead of waiting lead time and suffering a large MOQ for a manufacturer’s non preferred gapped core , Gateway stock the most popular cores and materials in both the ungapped and most popular gapped versions. With our Machine Shop we can then produce the gap that you need in the quantities and timescale you want.

It doesn’t just stop with cores. From custom machined aluminium bobbins to custom pinned bases for toroids and even to specialist moulded in pin bobbins Gateway can help.  To see our services please visit us at www.theferritegateway.com or call our technical sales office on +44 (0) 1270 615 999.

We’re here to support engineers so just please ask us.


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