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Customers can browse all of our stocked and non-stocked specialist component products and view important information such as stock levels and pricing. The component Gateway has been developed to provide the user with detailed technical information in a snapshot. It achieves this by providing quick attribute tables for each product, this is further supported by the manufacturers datasheet. The component Gateway provides customers with multi angle images to help the customer visualise the products.

The component Gateway provides intuitive filtering to allow customers to quickly narrow down their search using specific technical parameters, there are also interactive selection tools which will allow customers to instantly narrow down their search in an intuitive way. The component Gateway keeps customers up to date with the latest news within the specialist component sector including, new technologies, industry standards, new products and application notes.

The Component Gateway provides dedicated pages for all of its manufacturers. You will find corporate information and specific product overviews to help you choose the right product for your application.

The Component Gateway
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After extensive technical research, Gateway has assembled a valuable on-line resource designed to assist engineers to select the cooling device they need to suit their application. The cross reference provides engineers with an interactive tool, to help quickly identify Orion alternatives to 8 major thermal control brands.

We take great care to protect your personal and financial information, thats why all of our webpages are protected by SSL which is an industry standard security technology. This provides encrypted links between our web server and your browser, to ensure your data is kept secure throughout our entire site, not just the checkout area.

The Component  Gateway provides customers with a secure user-friendly trading experience by offering multiple payment systems including PayPal and Credit/Debit Card facilities provided through WorldPay. Credit accounts are also available after the customers first transaction subject to our terms and conditions.

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