Product Features
■ Package: 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.7mm
■ Ultra-low supply voltage: 1.2V
■ Stability: ±0.5ppm over -30 to 85°C
■ Frequency range: 16.368 to 38.4MHz
■ Current draw: 1.7mA
■ Output: Clipped Sinewave
■ Phase noise: -135dBc/Hz @ 1kHz
■ Enable/disable function
■ Packaging: Cut Tape & Tape & Reel

■ 4G/LTE
■ Handheld test & measurement
■Wireless Communications

Part Numbers                                         Frequency
LFTCXO077226Cutt    LFTCXO077226Reel       16.3680MHz
LFTCXO077227Cutt    LFTCXO077227Reel       16.3690MHz
LFTCXO077228Cutt    LFTCXO077228Reel       19.2000MHz
LFTCXO077229Cutt    LFTCXO077229Reel       26.0000MHz
LFTCXO077230Cutt    LFTCXO077230Reel       33.6000MHz
LFTCXO077231Cutt    LFTCXO077231Reel       38.4000MHz



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