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Established in 2001 and listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange with capital at US$20 million, Brightek LED is part of the VerShine Component Group and has its office at Canary Wharf London. Since 2007 Brightek LED has been selling into Europe utilising Gateway electronic components as a franchised distributor. Brightek is known for its widest range which covers all major applications.


There are 4 factories with each focusing on unique product and technology.

  • New Taipei City, Taiwan: Traditional PTH Lamp LED, dot matrix LED, seven segments digit display.

  • Shulin, Taiwan: Side view, SMD and customised LED.

  • SongKang, China: SMD/Chip LED, ceramic, flip chip, SMC LED, automotive grade LED, invisible light LED, IR, UV.

  • Shenzhen, China: LED for lighting, mainly EMC high power LED range.

Brightek offers the fullest range in the market, from traditional PTH type to the latest technology such as flip chip LED, ceramic and EMC/SMC LED. Their aim is to cover all LED applications and offer widest choice for their customers.


Gateway has an in house specialist team who are able to support all of our customers, this allows us to technically support our customers demands quickly.

Brightek logo
A variety of LEDs from Brightek
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