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Electronic Circuit
Blues logo

With Blues technologies, customers are building secure, connected products and bringing them to market in months instead of years. 

Brightek logo
Brightek LED

Since 2007 Brightek LED has been selling into Europe utilising Gateway electronic components as a franchised distributor. Brightek is known for its widest range which covers all major applications.

Cambion logo
Cambion Electronics Limited

Cambion Electronics Limited have a long and established pedigree as manufacturers of high performance products. These include, electro-mechanical and inductive components serving the Military, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Instrumentation, Transport and Industrial Markets.

CamdenBoss logo

With over 25% of the UK PCB Terminal Block market, Gateway Electronic components is proud to represent and distribute the Camden Boss range of components. From 2.54mm-10.16mm pitch, wire protected or rising clamp, 4A-57A rated, PCB mounted and pluggable terminal blocks and other interconnection solutions.

CloudG8 logo

CloudG8 is an online cloud platform that allows users to display, interact and respond to real world datapoints from anywhere in the world. The system is centred around dashboards and providing easy to read visuals, that help keep the user informed across single devices or a fleet of 1000’s of devices.

EIC logo

With over 10,000 parts and more than 50 package types EIC is a major international semiconductor manufacturer boasting one of the widest selections of high quality discrete semiconductor products.

E-tec logo

E-tec offer an extensive range of PCB Connectors and Headers, available via Gateway and considered as competitively priced alternatives to other manufacturers such as Harwin, Samtec, FCI and Molex.

Fair-Rite logo

Fair-Rite offer a wide range of suppression products designed to help you solve all of your EMI issues, these include, board based components such as EMI suppression beads, surface mount beads (common mode), Multi aperture cores, chip beads, chip arrays and flexible ferrite sheets. 


Not only, being the leading supplier in ferrite-ceramic technology. Ferroxcube offer a broad range of soft ferrite cores, accessories and EMI suppression products to support equipment manufacturers in their electromagnetic inference. 

Fordata logo

Fordata designs, develops and mass produces a broad range of standard character and graphic dot matrix LCD modules in SMT, COB and COG types.

ITW switches logo
ITW Switches

Within ITW's wide portfolio, they can ensure that if you want to interact with it, sense it, control it, or switch it, they can fulfil each individual customer requirement.

Kompans logo

Moulded-in pin solutions from Kompans. Kompans are manufacturers of coil formers/bobbins with set-in pins.

Magnetics logo

Magnetics® is a leading world supplier of precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry.

Particle logo

Particle is a fully integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), making software, connectivity, and hardware work together seamlessly. Everything is reprogrammable and reconfigurable with Particle, allowing for endless possibilities for developing custom applications.

Siretta logo

Siretta is a leading supplier of wireless M2M products and overall solutions, specialising in wireless modems, cloud based software and overall M2M application solutions. 

TDK logo

In 2011 TDK purchased EPCOS who were one of the largest ferrite manufacturers in the world. The EPCOS line of ferrite cores and accessories complements the TDK lines. EPCOS ferrites are now available through the TDK brand.

TT Electronics logo
TT Electronics

Welwyn Components is a TT Electronics resistor brand, specialising in the design and manufacture of a full portfolio of resistor technologies. Welwyn are also home to a wide portfolio of hybrid microcircuits and multi-chip modules.

Our Manufacturers 

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