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The IoT Gateway has partnered up with Blues to provide a seamless solution to a wide range of IoT specific needs. Pairing hardware and software designed by a designated team, The IoT Gateway is here to showcase a vast range of capabilities using modular platform connectivity at your fingertips.

We believe ‘everyone’s a builder’ with the potential to improve the human condition through what they do. We also believe it no longer makes sense for companies to build products that get sent ‘into the wild’ never to be heard from again by their manufacturer. Today, every product is capable of understanding how it’s used, how it can better serve its owner, and how to monitor and report on its health. Every product is a ‘sensor’, generating an information-rich data stream that connects a product’s maker with those benefiting from it.


With Blues technologies, customers are building secure, connected products and bringing them to market in months instead of years. Utilizing our secure, ‘just works’ solutions, our customers can focus on the business impact of their transformation to services instead of the underlying technologies required to cloud-connect their products. More than 800 customers worldwide have embedded Blues’ integrated hardware and cloud services into their products to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and create new revenue streams, while positively impacting the communities they serve. Join our team of ‘builders’ and contribute to our culture that’s rooted in a passion for creating technology that solves real-world problems and makes people's lives easier. 

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Blues Notecard PCB
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