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Snyper Graphyte signal analyser

1. Home Automation

Automate your world using linkCONNECT solutions.

2. Energy Management

Intelligent managed modem solutions - using industrial modems, routers and linkCONNECT.

3. Factory Automation

Intelligent managed modem solutions to automate your production using linkCONNECT.

4. Electric Car Charging 

Intelligent managed modem solutions to efficiently service your world using linkCONNECT.

5. Car Parking Payment

Intelligent managed modem solutions to simplify parking using linkCONNECT.

6. Distribution Control System

Connect your world using linkCONNECT solutions.

7. Traffic Flow Control

Manage the roads using linkCONNECT solutions.

8. Door Entry System

Access your world using linkCONNECT solutions.

9. CCTV Applications

Watch your world using Siretta router solutions.

10. Temperature Logging

Monitor your world using linkCONNECT solutions.

IoT is a rapidly growing sector with embedded and connected devices being used in applications including Automation, Security, Transportation, Low Power and Utilities. These documents explore how Industrial IoT products can be used in various applications. 

IoT Application Notes

Ferrite Core

1. Automotive

Discover how ferrite components can be used within the automotive industry - including Access Control, Lighting, Power Train, EVS & HEVS and Plug-in & Electric.

2. Integrated Inductive Components

Explore how Integrated Inductive Components (IICs) can be used in PCBs as an alternative to traditional bobbin cores.

3. Planar Power Transformers

Understand how planar transformer ferrites can be integrated into designs as an alternative to conventional wire-wound transformers.

4. Solar Inverters

Find out how ferrites can be used within the renewable energy industry - including Current Sensing, Micro-Inverters, Common Mode Chokes and String Inverters.

Ferrite components are an essential aspect of many designs, used in industries such as automotive and renewable energies. These documents provide information on suitable applications, as well as material characteristics that can be used to inform design decisions. 

Ferrite Application Notes

Power Capacitors

1. Food Processing

Find out how Power Quality Solutions can be implemented within the food processing industry by reading through a case study.

2. Controlling the Power

Learn more about how the usage of a PF-controller can help to ensure an optimised life cycle of PCF systems.

3. Phase Cap

Learn more about the PhaseCap series of capacitors, designed to be compact and provide maximum reliability. 

4. PFC Systems

Find out more about important design rules that should be observed when making PFC systems for specific applications.

These Power Quality Solutions documents contain information on PFC applications, helping to answer frequently asked questions.

power Application Notes

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