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Cirrus Box


The specialist box has been designed to be a complete solution whilst working with the dashboard software Stratus. Working on a cellular network, projects can be monitored remotely all with just one click of a button! 



Stratus was created to provide an intuitive dashboard for those using hardware. This can be combined with the specialist box that we can create or existing hardware. Be in full control from wherever you need to be!

CloudG8 is an online cloud platform that allows users to display, interact and respond to real world datapoints from anywhere in the world. The system is centred around dashboards and providing easy to read visuals, that help keep the user informed across single devices or a fleet of 1000’s of devices. The intelligent rules engine and reporting features remove the need for mundane tasks and provides a mechanism for preventative maintenance and responsive control to key data points. The system is scalable from a single device up to 100,000’s of devices and is fully mobile compliant.

We offer a range of hardware to support the translation from real world data to cloud intelligence, supporting standard off the shelf products to completely bespoke builds incorporating WiFi and Cellular technologies.

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Cirrus Box
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