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With manufacturing sites in Asia, Switzerland and the UK. E-tec have developed a reputation for rapid response interconnect manufacturing capabilities offering customers fast turnaround on both sample and production build volumes via their distributor Gateway Electronic Components.

E-tec offer an extensive range of PCB Connectors and Headers, available via Gateway and considered as competitively priced alternatives to other manufacturers such as Harwin, Samtec, FCI and Molex.

E-tec BGA sockets include patented probe pin designs for BGA, LGA and CGA chip socketing down to 0.40mm pitch. Sockets may be fixed to the pcb by surface mounting, thru hole soldering or by solderless compression method.

Socket footprints can be created in all shapes and sizes in FR4 or other hi-temp materials using the latest technology high speed CNC drilling machines. A suitable terminal can be selected from their extensive stock of turned pins, and using our array of assembly equipment E-TEC can produce high quality, cost effective parts with industry leading deliveries.

E-tec also offer a range of RF/Coax Connectors.

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