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Welwyn resistors from TT Electronics


Welwyn resistors from TT Electronics. These resistors have overload characteristics which are ideal for circuit protection, with high reliability and stability. They also feature high power dissipation for the small size.

WDBR Series TT Electronics

Circuit Protection

The WDBR series of ultra low profile power resistors from TT Electronics are suitable for use as circuit protection, with a choice of flying leads, push-on tags and solder terminals. 

Welwyn Components is a TT Electronics resistor brand, specialising in the design and manufacture of a full portfolio of resistor technologies. Welwyn are also home to a wide portfolio of hybrid microcircuits and multi-chip modules.

Welwyn resistors include:

  • Current Sense Resistors

  • High Power Resistors

  • High Voltage Resistors

  • Pulse / Surge Resistors

  • High Precision Resistors

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