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5 Good reasons why Snyper-LTE SPECTRUM could be for you

SNYPER-LTE, the all new advanced 4G analyser from Siretta, combines state of the art cellular network connectivity assessment along with contemporary design and rugged construction. SNYPER-LTE is an invaluable tool for systems integrators and engineers dealing with deployment and ongoing support of cellular connected M2M equipment. SNYPER enables rapid analysis of signal strength and other factors in order to maximise the uptime, data rate and resilience of 2G/GPRS, 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE systems.


SNYPER-LTE provides detailed information about available base-stations for 2G/3G/4G shown on its sunlight readable colour display. This includes the number of base stations for each network and relative signal strengths of each network – thus helping to select the best network provider for a given location.


SNYPER-LTE can save up to 50 surveys with simple download of results to a PC via the supplied USB cable. Surveys are available in both CSV and graphical HTML formats making it easy to insert in site survey and other documents.


The SNYPER-LTE kit comes with two antennas, one for 2G/3G signal scans and the other tuned to be sensitive at 2600MHz for more detailed 4G/LTE surveys. Furthermore, SNYPER-LTE antennas are detachable for connection directly to the installed equipment’s antenna.


SNYPER-LTE SPECTRUM comes complete with liveSCAN antenna in the kit. The liveSCAN antenna is a directional antenna making it possible to point directly towards the base station providing the best quality signal. liveSCAN ensures installation of equipment and antennas at the very best position.


With long life rechargeable battery and in-car charger, combined with power saving modes, SNYPER-LTE is always ready to perform.

SNYPER-LTE is a key tool in optimising and improving the resilience of cellular connected systems, leveraging high quality of service to end applications.

The full range of Siretta SNYPER-LTE signal analysers, associated antenna and accessories are available online at

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