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CamdenBoss Hex - Box

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Are you designing the next generation of IoT devices which could revolutionise an industry or the way we live? But you don’t have the time to design an enclosure that’s suited for your circuit!

Well look no further than the Hex-Box by CamdenBoss!

CamdenBoss Hex-Box

The Hex-Box is an excellent blend of flexibility and user-friendly customisation, allowing for wall mounting when paired with a specially designed circular wall mount or a desktop device with the ability to connect rubber feet. The enclosure provides a customisable side panel selection from simple blanked panels that can be machined to allow for USB Ports or other connectors your device may be using as well as vented side panels should your equipment require additional cooling. There is also a cable entry point on the base of the enclosure to make cable management a thought of the past as all the wires can be easily hidden and protected.

A PCB can be mounted to either the top or base of the enclosure providing six bosses in the top and 4 in the base which are positioned to suit a Raspberry Pi Board. The base of the enclosure is con caved to allow for flush wall mounting as well as a convexed lid with a smooth bevel and flat top ideal for 2.5” screens. The lid is also easy to digital print on, allowing for branding so you can be sure everyone knows who’s device they are using!

We have mentioned the Hex-Box being well suited to Raspberry Pi boards once already in this blog however to really highlight just how well suited the Hex-Box is for these applications CamdenBoss put together the ultimate enclosure and have already customised two panels that are perfectly suited for the Raspberry Pi connections!

Does your enclosure have requirements the Hex-Box doesn’t suit ? then contact us and we can help find a suitable enclosure from CamdenBoss’s comprehensive catalogue of enclosures!

To view more information about the HexBox visit our shop

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