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Exploring The World of EV Charging

With the UK's plan to phase out new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 (pushed back from the original target of 2030), establishing a robust electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure becomes crucial.

Siretta have put together a blog which explores the surge in EV adoption in the UK, driven by these Government incentives, advancements in battery technology, and increasing environmental consciousness. It also highlights the crucial role of connectivity in establishing a reliable EV charging network. Unlike traditional fuelling methods, EV charging stations rely on data communication, with cellular networks playing a vital role in ensuring operational efficiency - learn more by reading the blog attached below.

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The Role of Bespoke Ferrites in the Automotive Industry

The inherent magnetic properties of ferrite make it ideal for automotive applications, as it exhibits high electrical resistance and low eddy current losses, ensuring efficient energy transfer and minimal heat dissipation. One of its primary uses is in the creation of inductive components like transformers and inductors that are crucial in various electronic systems within vehicles. These components help manage electrical currents, facilitate power distribution, and enable the functioning of systems like ignition, power steering, and engine control units.

Ferrite is also used in the manufacturing of electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression components and sensors. EMI suppression filters made from ferrite materials help to mitigate electromagnetic interference caused by the complex network of electronic devices present in modern vehicles. Its robustness, reliability, and ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions make ferrite a preferred material for ensuring the proper functioning of various automotive systems, enhancing both safety and performance.

The Ferrite Gateway Machine Shop specialises in creating bespoke ferrite parts, crafted to precise specifications, as a tailored solution to address specific needs within the automotive industry. These precisely crafted components, designed for specific electrical characteristics and space constraints, play an important role in inductive components like transformers and inductors, ensuring efficient power distribution and noise filtering. This customisation also allows for targeted EMI suppression, improving overall electronic system performance, as well as enabling the creation of highly sensitive and accurate sensors crucial for safety features like ABS and engine management.

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