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Fair-Rite Launches High-Frequency Power Kit

This compact kit include various sizes of toroids, EQ and I cores for engineers to test in their electronic designs. Fair-Rite’s 67 Material is optimized to operate in power applications from 5MHz to 25 MHz.

Fair-Rite’s 67 material parts highlighted in this kit are geared towards customers designing high-frequency switching power supplies utilising GaN or SiC technologies, as these are expected to grow exponentially over the next several years.

According to Fair-Rite's Vice President, Rachael Parker, We are excited to release this new kit, as it will help expand Fair-Rite's presence in the power magnetics market. In close collaboration with our colleagues at MIT and Dartmouth, our engineers have been able to test these parts at frequencies higher than what has been currently available. This not only provides important data to design engineers for our current 67 material, but will also help us develop new materials for high-frequency power applications in the near future.

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