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Ferroxcube 3N Material - Material Series for High Impedance

Ferroxcube delivered a new range of materials in 2020 which is designed for high impedance applications, and over the course of 2021 they have been consolidating the range to provide the best selection to suit any application. The Ferroxcube 3N Material series are as follows 3N10, 3N5, 3N4, 3N3 and 3N1 and within this range you can certainly find a material that suits your application.

Not convinced ? take a look at the Impedance vs Frequency graph below:

Impedance vs Frequency - 3N Ferroxcube Material
Impedance vs Frequency - 3N Ferroxcube Material

These materials can come in a range of shapes and sizes however not all are standard to all shapes, such as 3N10 is mainly suited for toroids (any size) and cable shields, whereas all of the other materials (3N5, 3N4, 3N3 and 3N1) come in the full range of toroids and cable shields but they are also suited for the full range of shapes such as E cores and many more!

3N Material Property Table
3N Material Property Table

These cores make for great common mode chokes and noise filters, so do you have an application that could benefit from having one?

Contact us today if so and we can help you find the best suited core!

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