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Introducing 3N2 Material From Ferroxcube

Already stocking a vast range of materials for EMI suppression, 3N2 is the latest to be added to the Ferroxcube line-up. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) occurs when electromagnetic radiation interferes with the operation of electronic devices. This interference can disrupt signals, data transmission, or the functioning of the device itself. Ferroxcube’s 3N2 material is a Magnesium Zinc ferrite which is designed for common mode chokes, used to filter out high-frequency noises.

3N2 Material Properties chart

This material exhibits high impedance in the 0.1-30MHz range, as well as up to 100MHz. 3N2 works at frequencies of <300MHz and has a curie temperature of 150°C, meaning that performance will stay reliable under a wide range of conditions. In addition to this, 3N2 material has a relatively high permeability of 3000 and high resistivity at >10³ Ohm m. 3N2 from Ferroxcube can be used as a cost-effective alternative to Nickel Zinc materials, without having to compromise on performance. A standard range of toroidal and tubular core shapes will be available for this material. Additionally, 3N2 is suitable for split cores, such as U or UR shapes that can expand its versatility across different applications.

3N2 Material graphs

Samples are currently being produced on request. For further information please contact one of our technical sales team on +44 (0) 1270 615 999 or email us at

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