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Ferroxcube boasts two new ‘Best in Class’ materials

As one of the leading manufacturers in the ferrite industry, FERROXCUBE has been providing to the power conversion industry ferrite cores with low power losses and high saturation magnetic flux density over a wide range of operating frequencies (20KHz to 10MHz). This has driven benefits to today’s manufacturers of power conversion systems enabling greater miniaturization, lower weight and reduced power consumption in applications where the temperature rise and maximum achievable temperature can be estimated.


Energy loss in power conversion systems is generated, among others, in the magnetic components. Within the magnetics there are losses in the windings (due to ohmic losses) and on the ferrite core. Ferroxcube keeps on working to improve the ferrite materials used on them to offer solutions that enable fulfilling the most stringent energy efficiency standards, such as Energy Star or 80 Plus. FXC 3C96 is a premium material for power conversion used in transformers and inductors working below 400 kHz. Low losses and high saturation flux have lead 3C96 to be the preferred material on applications demanding high efficiency. Together with Ferroxcube 3C90 and 3C94, the 3C96 material completes the low loss power conversion material family with optimal working temperature at 100ºC.


The Ferroxcube 3C98 material is the new best in class medium frequency power conversion material, making a break-through on the key parameters that define the performance of power ferrites: extremely low losses under high flux conditions (250 mw/cm3 at 100 kHz, 200 mT) and high saturation flux (530 mT). Being a material with minimum loss at 100ºC, the loss curve has been flattened, resulting in good performance at room temperature. These characteristics are more remarkable in the frequency band below 200 kHz, though the operating frequency spans up to 400 kHz.

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