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Great things about the Snyper-LTE+

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The Snyper-LTE+ comes packed with many great features, such as simply providing you with a rugged carry case perfect for storing the unit during transportation and whilst not in use. But this is just one great feature amongst many.

Snyper LTE+
Snyper LTE+

The first feature we’re going to talk about is the ability to detect all “visible” base stations, what we mean by this is that the Snyper+ range doesn’t just look at the strongest LTE signal from each network operator and instead shows them all. This extra information is then displayed graphically on a summary page (HTML) of the multiple LTE base stations by all operators and wont just show one result per network operator.

Another great feature is the survey flexibility provided by the Snyper+ range, if you require a 2G(GSM) survey and don’t need the 4G(LTE) and 3G(UMTS) bands then you can perform a survey of just the 2G(GSM) network. The Snyper+ range will also timestamp surveys which are then date ordered, this is then used when the surveys are downloaded to your PC for the report which then contains the time information in the HTML graphics.

Need to run a long survey and worried the battery might not keep up ? well another great feature the Snyper+ range comes packed with is automatic display dimming and automatic power down when not in use, after a short period of inactivity the unit can automatically dim the display to conserve battery life. The Snyper range of products come with an additional feature called Cloud Survey which is Siretta’s subscription based mapping portal, this provides you with a map view of performed surveys and shows approximate locations of base-stations and it will also store your survey results in the cloud for review!

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