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Join The CanDo Team - Machining Apprentice

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The Role

*** 2 Positions Available ***

The role of the Machining Apprentice is to work to support the day-to-day running of the machine shop. The Machining Apprentice will work under the supervision of the Ferrite machining specialists and will report to the Technical Director.

The individual will be trained to program and operate CNC and NC machinery following the machine shop safe working practices and procedural guidelines. The Apprentice will work alongside other team members to ensure our tooling and ferrite stock is replenished to ensure all scheduled jobs are completed on time.

The individual will work alongside team members to ensure the machine cleaning and maintenance schedules are adhered to, this will require the individual to follow cleaning regimes and engage with external vendors where applicable.

The Apprentice will work with other team members to ensure all orders meet the machine shop quality standards, this will require the individual to carry out testing following standard procedures and filling out FAI paperwork where required.

The nature of the Machine Shop will require the individual to carry out tasks that are not part of the day to day running of the machine shop and may involve exploratory work to further enhance our capabilities. From time to time the role may require the candidate to work outside of the normal working pattern to ensure order deadlines are met, this will be managed based on capacity and notice will be given wherever possible.

The Machine Shop has built a strong reputation for cutting edge ferrite machining and consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible, as such the processes, procedures, tooling and all other information relating to the Machine Shop is to be treated as strictly confidential. The Machine shop operates in the Automotive and Aerospace industries and works with some of the world’s leading technology companies, some of these relationships are governed by confidentiality agreements and NDA’s. The individual will be responsible for ensuring all information relating to the Machine shop is kept strictly confidential and all agreements are adhered to.

The role requires the individual to constantly evaluate and analyse all processes and procedures to ensure optimal efficiency throughout the business unit. The Machine Shop prides itself on a CanDo attitude and has established a global presence based on our ability to think outside of the box, the role requires a driven individual who can think outside of the box who thrives on challenges.

Key Tasks:

• Operate NC and CNC machines

• Carry out detailed test procedures

• Create CAD drawings and manage the CAD database

• Carry out day-to-day task of the machine shop

• Work to the machines job schedules

• Manage stock of machine tools and work holdings

Sound like this role is for you? Get in touch with our team here.

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