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Introducing The Siretta Quartz-Onyx 5G Router

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

With the ever-growing demands for data and faster access to it, industries have made great investments into the development of 5G equipment and infrastructure. 5G technology utilises narrowband technology which provides ultra-low latency and is capable of delivering multi-Gbps peak data speeds.

How can I get access to this new 5G technology?

I am sure that like myself you have also seen or been exposed to in some way the advertisements of the latest generation mobile phones stating that they are “5G Ready”, and maybe you wonder what this really means and why current technology is not able to use 5G. Old technology is unfortunately not compatible with 5G due to the nature of 5G using narrowband technology and old processors not being compatible with this. This is why new mobile phones are coming out as 5G ready, with all new processors being designed and built with 5G in mind.

I have old equipment in the factory or office that could really do with this additional reliability and speed, what can I do?

This is where the Siretta Quartz-Onyx comes into action!

The Quartz Onyx is 5G ready for action and compatible with most interfaces with its 2x RS232 or 1x RS485 serial port whilst also being capable of creating a standalone Wi-Fi network of its own. It can even interact directly to the cellular engine to automate notifications such as SMS alarms and triggered alerts, also allowing your connected equipment to interrogate connection status, signal strength and network parameters which facilitates remote systems to run autonomously.

The Quartz-Onyx has a robust design coming in a compact metal enclosure which makes it ideal for industrial applications. And its not just the physicality of the Quartz-Onyx that is robust, the Quartz-Onyx also supports a number of high-end VPN security protocols allowing for the router to be used in commercial as well as industrial settings.

Shop the Quartz-Onyx Now by clicking the link below

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take full advantage of the future!

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