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Snyper Graphyte has evolved!

The Snyper range from Siretta is full of powerful devices allowing users to detect a wide range of cellular frequencies whilst also providing a breakdown of network provider, signal strength and more! All of the models are capable of this however the Snyper Graphyte is the "crème de la crème” coming with every feature you could ever want or need from a signal analyser.

Snyper Graphyte in the field
Snyper Graphyte in the field

Some of these features include sequential surveying which is a vital feature for those sites that require a stable and constant connection, as this feature allows you to setup your analyser and leave it to perform a predetermined amount of tests over a period of time. This helps test for any unreliable moments in connection such as when kids finish school certain networks may suddenly see larger amounts of activity and so may drop some connections (this is referred to as network breathing and is unavoidable however you can get some protection by choosing the right network). Another powerful option that the Graphyte provides is known as “LiveScan” and in the latest version of the Graphyte this has seen further improvement!

The LiveScan reporting that is available on the Graphyte is a real time graphical display representing cellular hotspots for the selected network. This feature is especially powerful when you’re using directional antennas as these cellular hotspots are where you want to be pointing your antenna to obtain the strongest signal. All of these results are recorded and timestamped directly to a CSV so even if you don’t have time to fully analyse the data on site you can still review the results when you’re off site to ensure your system is optimised.

The Snyper Graphyte has been long standing however Siretta have recently developed the version 2 which provides slight improvements to ensure that the model keeps up with demands of the ever changing technology. This newest version broadens the detectable frequencies now also detecting B3 (1800MHz) for UMTS technology and B28A (700MHz) for LTE technology. With all of the above and more its easy to see why the Snyper Graphyte is one of the best signal analysers available on the market.

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