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Snyper-LTE Graphyte (EU) detects Cat 1 Base-stations

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The new Cat 1 cellular network is growing in popularity for Industrial IoT applications, with it being capable of bridging the gap for the transition of 3G/UMTS applications as 3G begins to get decommissioned. The new Cat 1 Network is also desirable for its suitability for many industrial IoT applications like digital signage, security systems, ATM’s and many more, this is because Cat 1 provides mid-range speed and bandwidth levels.

Snyper Graphyte
Snyper Graphyte

So wondering if you can use the new Cat 1 network but not sure if its in your area yet ?

Siretta’s Snyper lte graphyte product range has you covered and can help you find Cat 1 base-station locations! This can be achieved by performing an LTE network Survey, as when the Snyper surveys the LTE network the LTE base station results returned are the exact same parameters for Cat 4 and Cat 1 technologies!

or via our email –

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