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TDK Distributed Air Gaps in Ferrite Cores

New ferrite cores enable additional copper losses to be reduced by up to 70 percent. The core design using distributed air gaps permits higher operating frequencies and smaller inductive components to be used in power supply systems. By reducing electromagnetic emissions, the additional copper losses at high frequencies are also reduced. Thanks to the identical distributed gaps in the center posts, the magnetic field emission to the environment is effectively prevented.

Ferrite cores are available with distributed air gaps in E, EQ, ER, ETD, PM and PQ core designs, and with all EPCOS power materials. Solutions with three identical air gaps offer the best price/performance ratio for applications, in which 2 or 3 times the switching frequency is used in comparison with the original frequency. Apart from standard solutions, a customer-specific number of air gaps can also be implemented.

The main applications for the new cores are in storage chokes and transformers in switch-mode power supplies and inverters.

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