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Product Solutions

Product Solutions

Gateway prides itself on the technical competence of its staff in being able to engage with customers' engineers. Our team is always happy to discuss the most suitable product fit to meet the requirements of your application. We also have the technical knowledge to offer replacement parts to competitor products to find a more suitable and/or cost effective solution.

Etec bespoke connector

On every major bill-of-material that we receive we take the time to analyse the list of specified parts to identify key packaging opportunities; risky single-source items; items in obsolescence; and potential areas for cost saving by recommending alternative sources.

All of our key customer-facing personnel have in excess of 15 years industry experience. With the combined expertise of its senior staff and over a 100 years of combined industry service, Gateway is one of few companies that can boast such a wealth of knowledge.

Gateway people know when something is possible and they always run the extra mile to make it happen. That's why when a customer calls, they expect us to say "Yes, we can do that", because invariably - we can! And if on the odd occasion the solution does not exist, our technical and engineering teams will work with the customer to design one.

Gateway works closely with the technical support teams of the franchises that it represents and would be happy to organise demonstration days and seminars with customers' engineering staff.

For some examples and case studies of engineering solutions provided by Gateway to its customers, please see Case Studies and our Blog.