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CamdenBoss continues development of Camblock plus terminal block range

CamdenBoss, provider of performance engineered interconnection and enclosures and renowned as a leading specialist manufacturer in the terminal block market, has announced another phase in the development of its flagship CamBlock Plus range of PCB terminal blocks. Two new lines have been added in early 2018 – a 2.54mm pitch rising clamp terminal block from 2 to 12 poles and screwless pluggable types covering 2.5, 3.5, 3.81 and 5.08mm pitch sizes also in 2 to 12 poles. Both offer UL approvals.

Over the last five years CamdenBoss has seen increasing requests to offer the same high standard terminal blocks for which the company is well-known but at more competitive prices. This market-driven demand led to development of the CamBlock Plus range, a comprehensive family of terminal blocks from 2.54mm to 10.16mm pitch that offers customers lower prices without any compromises.

As CamBlock Plus addresses exactly what the market is looking for, it has been no surprise that this range has rapidly become the preferred option for customers as it maintains all the quality levels and approvals of the traditional European product and capitalises on Camden’s 35+ years as a trusted brand. The CamBlock Plus series addresses highly competitive markets where cost savings are mandatory without the disadvantages of having to sacrifice quality or approvals.

Nicki Kay, CamdenBoss Managing Director, commented, “We needed to give customers what they told us they wanted: terminal blocks at low prices without compromise. We started the development programme in 2012, investing in new tooling for all the ranges. Development of more CamBlock Plus ranges is continuous and the products benefit from UL and VDE approvals where the industry demands it.”

Michael Crowther, UK Sales Manager, said, “Since releasing the CamBlock Plus range we have achieved rapid and significant market take-up due to the substantial benefits of the product in terms of price without reduction in quality or approvals. Sales are consistently increasing, meaning it is now our customers preferred terminal block range.”

The new CamBlock Plus lines extend the range to almost 50 styles in PCB, pluggable and screwless configurations, all designed to reap the benefits of CamdenBoss’s decades of expertise. Ranges are now offered in 10 to 57A with new types introduced regularly. Stocks are held in the UK and Asia to support business wherever manufacturing may be based and to enable quick supply at very competitive prices off the shelf.

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