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IMO LED Signalling Indicators

New high intensity LED indicators for use with limit switches with two or three M20 gland entries. They are used to visually indicate a change in the state of a limit switch contact. There are many applications where they can be useful, such as, a rope switch, to indicate if the switch has been actuated. The intense light can be visible at a reasonable distance that matters. The activated switch can then be approached and reset after the system is checked and deemed to be safe.

They can be used with door interlock switches to easily observe the state of the emergency stop circuit for each protected area. Use them with solenoid door interlocks to indicate if they are locked or ]unlocked.

When used with any standard limit switches in the LL, LX, LW or LZ series the actuator can be calibrated at the point of fitting.

Of course, fill free to use them in any application you can think they would perform a useful function. Add a AC-DFPM20 plastic M20 nut and open its use for many other applications where the hole is not threaded.

The inner connecting terminal is designed to rotate, to avoid twisting of the cables when the device is screwed to a switch.

Available in four colours, Red, Green, Yellow and White. Most widely used options are AC-SL1AREPA1 and AC-SL1AYEPA1, 24V AC/DC devices in Yellow and Red colours respectively.

Protection degree: IP67 acc., to EN 60529 and IP69K acc., to ISO 20653

Operating voltage options: 24V AC/DC



Connection type: Push fit

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