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Snyper Models and their Differences

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Siretta’s range of signal analysers allow you to identify a range of cellular networks whilst providing detailed analysis and breakdown of the results. Siretta offer 3 variations of the Snyper which have a range of features and capabilities, in this blog we will highlight some of the key features and differences in each model.

We start with the Snyper-LTE + this comes in a rugged case which is the same as both the Spectrum and the Graphyte however does not include all the same accessories. This device is perfect for someone who only needs to do one-off surveys for the best signal and where the use of a directional antenna isn’t required. The LTE+ allows the user to scan for specific bands for example, you can decide to scan for just 2G if you do not require 3G or 4G. Just like the other 2 devices mentioned above the LTE+ will timestamp your surveys which can be viewed on a computer in HTML format.

Snyper LTE + Spectrum
Snyper LTE + Spectrum

Next would be the Snyper-LTE + Spectrum. This device provides detailed information for available 2G,3G and 4G networks. It can save up to 50 surveys much like the Graphyte. The Spectrum comes with the “LiveScan” feature which allows you to attach a directional antenna enabling you to identify the source of the signal as well as two antennas which allow you to pick up various frequencies.

Snyper LTE Graphyte
Snyper LTE Graphyte

Finally, the Snyper-Graphyte is the top of the range with all the bells and whistles. Some of the main features to highlight is the ability to do sequential surveys which is only available on this device. This means that you can set up the device and leave it in location to complete the surveys on a set time interval to identify how the signal changes over different periods of the day.

So to round off, what are the differences in each model ?

To put it simply as the models progress they gain additional features, starting off with the Snyper LTE + which is the basic model that provides raw functionality. The LTE+ model will perform single surveys that can cover all 3 technologies (2G, 3G and 4G) or specify a singular technology if you require it for you specific application. The LTE + Spectrum is the next in line and it provides the ability to store up to 50 surveys on the device as well as gaining access to the “LiveScan” features which enables you to identify the general direction of the base station. And last but not least we have the Graphyte which has all of the above features as well as having the ability to automatically perform sequential surveys, which is a great asset when needing high performance consistently as it helps you hedge you bets against “network breathing” (which can is a topic to be covered in another blog!)

If you have any questions or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us on any of the below methods!

View our Snyper/Signal Analyser range here!

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