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TDK LeaXield

TDK presents the Epcos LeaXield technology, a new and innovative active leakage current filter. LeaXield enables massive reduction of earth leakage currents, this enables effective use of RCDs (residual current devices) and increases plant availability. Earth leakage currents can cause RCDs to trip at threshold, this results in RCDs not being viable options without additional outlay.

LeaXield is effective on a frequency range from 150 Hz to 30kHz, its rated for 50 A at a temperature of 50 degrees and short-term overload of 75 A for up to 3 minutes per hour, or 125 A for up to 30 seconds per hours is permissible. See below graph for a comparison of leakage current characteristics with and without LeaXield.

LeaXield Earth Leaking current
LeaXield Earth Leaking current

Wondering if LeaXield is compatible with your RCD ?

The unintentional tripping of a universal RCD (Type B/Type B+) can be prevented by LeaXield. These RCD types have different tripping characteristics and note that in accordance with EN 50178 / VDE 0160, variable speed drive systems are only acceptable when a type B/B+ RCD is used.

LeaXield Flow Diagram
LeaXield Flow Diagram

The LeaXield is well suited for use with variable speed drives and suitable applications include, pluggable devices, pumps, compressors and conveyance systems.

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