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Teltonika RUT - Perfect for remote WiFi Access

Have a trip planned to a favourite caravan site or mooring spot but hesitant because of having no access to the internet when you need to stay connected for work or personal life?

Teltonika RUT955
Teltonika RUT955

We have you covered with the excellent Teltonika range of Cellular Routers which can provide speeds of up to 150Mbps using the 4G (LTE) mobile network, the Routers are as easy as “plug in and play” so you don’t need to worry about any technical setup however should you want to optimise your router further you can.

We know power consumption is a big concern for some especially when you won’t have access to mains supply so choosing products can often be a chore however with the Teltonika Routers they operate on a 12V supply which is ideal.

The Router truly is “plug in and play” as setup is as simple as insert your 4G enabled SIM with a data plan (this can be a SIM from any network provider in your area), attach all the antennas provided with the router and then plug in the power adapter. Your device is then ready to connect, all you need to do now is open up your laptop, mobile phone or other devices and select the router as you WiFi network (the name of the network is on the sticker on the router itself) and use the password that is also located on the sticker on the router itself. Once both of these are entered you should be ready to browse the web or read emails like being on your home broadband.

The Teltonika range of routers provide great versatility as if you go for one of the RUT9 series then you gain access to dual SIM with automatic failover functionality, this means you can have one 4G enabled SIM card from one network provider as the primary and then a second 4G enabled SIM card from a different network provider which the router will automatically switch to should the primary SIM card network loose connection allowing you to maintain a seamless connection.

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