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WDBR Resistor Series

TT Electronics offers a vast range of products however one series that’s caught our eye is the WDBR series of resistors, these are great ultra-low profile power resistors. Now we know, you’re screaming resistors seriously! They are hardly the most interesting of things to talk about, however hear us out as the WDBR’s might be the high power resistor you need.

WDBR Resistor Series
WDBR Resistor Series

WDBR’s are a thick film planar power resistors on steel which offers a high pulse withstand capability, this combined makes them great for high demand applications such as dynamic motor braking and industrial welding. The resistors construction consists of a high integrity dielectric layer that is applied to machined stainless steel substrate, thick film conductor and resistor patterns are printed and fired then protected with a high temperature overglaze. The overglaze protects the surface of the resistor whilst the dielectric layer provides a high voltage insulation breakdown typically in the region of a min 2.5kVdc.

The WDBR gives a fast thermal response (high power dissipation as heat is rapidly transferred to the heatsink) because of the low thermal mass and an improved temperature distribution, in addition the substrate itself behaves similar to a heatsink and it also helps provide further mechanical strength and robustness. The thermal expansion coefficients within the stainless and the dielectric film are closely matched, enabling the resistor to withstand severe temperature cycling (up to 400°C) which is ideal for high power pulse applications. All of these factors combined show that the WDBR series resistor has exceptional stability and reliability.

Electrical Data Table

WDBR Resistor Series Table
WDBR Resistor Series Table

To conclude the TT WDBR series of thick film resistors offers significant advantages over competing technologies, boasting exceptional thermal transfer characteristics, power density and compact designs. Should you have any requirements please contact Gateway and we can work alongside you to find the perfect match based on your specific needs!

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