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What is a Nebuliser and how do they work ?

A Nebuliser is a unit that can be used to generate humidity by atomizing liquid particles, it achieves this by ultrasonically vibrating piezoelectric transducer. There are 3 different methods of atomization Fan (Vaporization), Heater (Steam) and Piezo Transducer (Ultrasonic) the Ultrasonic is the most efficient of the lot generating a large amount of atomization with low running cost!

The way the Nebuliser achieves its ultrasonic frequency is by using a Piezoelectric Ceramic Resonator with high frequency vibrating through water. The ultrasonic energy is directed to the surface of the water generating a water column when the optimal water depth is utilized, this ultrasonic energy is then focused to the top of the water column which breaks water into minute particles.

Atomisation volume and water level
Atomisation volume and water level

The Nebuliser has a wide range of uses such as:

· Industrial Humidifier

· Humidifier for Agricultural purposes (seedlings etc)

· Mushroom Cultivation

· Medical Inhalers

· Humidifier for home use

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