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Why approvals matter? ISO9001 and JOSCAR

In the evolving world of electronics meeting customer expectations is paramount to its success this means quality is of utmost importance.

Gateway Electronic Components Ltd, a leading distributor of ferrites and specialist in electronics, understands the significance of delivering high-quality products to its customers. With a commitment to excellence, Gateway has managed a comprehensive ISO9001 approved quality management system for 22 years. With a focus on process optimisation, the integration of new technologies, and the adoption of best practices from the industry Gateway’s manufacturing stays ahead of the curve.

A Commitment to Training and Continuous Improvement

Reliability is a core aspect of quality in manufacturing. Gateway understands that its products must perform consistently and reliably under various conditions. By implementing rigorous testing procedures, offering First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), Gateway ensures that its products meet the standards its customers’ demand.

By investing in employee training and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Gateway ensures that its workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional standards.

What do our accreditations mean to Gateway?

Operations director Heather Prieto says “Those who know our team, will be aware of just how committed we are to developing and maintaining long-term relationships built on a trust and collaboration with both suppliers and customers alike.”

ISO9001 and JOSCAR

Our ISO9001 and JOSCAR accreditations assure customers that

the service we provide is not only of the highest quality, but that we have met the required industry standards for risk assessments, security for cross-sector collaborative solutions.

To view our accreditation certificates please click here

To learn more about Gateway visit

To learn more about the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR), please visit:

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