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The last few years have seen the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IOT) market emerge and expand rapidly progressing into every walk of life. These two new facets of life are and will be responsible for automating just about any part of society. Now that cellular wireless networks are ubiquitous and now with much lower cost of data plans and cost of ownership, the advancement of the internet, M2M and IOT will see an even faster growth.

Siretta is a leading supplier of wireless M2M products and overall solutions, specialising in wireless modems, cloud based software and overall M2M application solutions. As a major UK distributor for the Siretta brand, Gateway now stock a broad range of antennas, cable assemblies and RF connectors/adaptors all available online with a next day delivery service.


Siretta have chosen the Gateway team to be trained in their high level of technical in all matters wireless and combined with In-house programming and design skills this is now allowing Gateway to support numerous customers in utilising the benefits of the Siretta range.

Siretta is at the forefront of wireless M2M and IOT thinking with its design and manufacture of GSM modems and Cloud software and services to empower the user, small or large, and make M2M applications simple and a cost-effective reality.

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Signal Analysers

Signal analysers from Siretta. Find optimum antenna placement, best network performance and best choice of network operator for a site.

Siretta Antennas


Wireless RF solutions require antennas as a fundamental component for end-to-end communications. We stock a wide range of Siretta antennas with different mountings.

Siretta Modems


We stock a range of industrial cellular modems from Siretta allowing easy connection to remote devices over the internet. All modems include an RS232 and USB serial connection.

Siretta Routers


Industrial cellular routers from Siretta. Dual-SIM cellular connection with multiple ethernet ports combined with RS232, RS485 and USB interfaces.

Siretta Cables


Siretta RF cables that can be used for small interconnections, machine-to-machine interconnections and extension cables.

Siretta Adapters


RF adapters from Siretta are used to connect several different cables together allowing the ability to swap or change the lengths of the RF cable links. 

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