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Wireless Charging

With the world wide adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices which now play such pivotal roles in our day to day lives, charging requirements have both increased and changed in their demands. Users are now demanding more flexibility when It comes to charging their devices, not always being able to or just not wanting to plug in. This is where Wireless charging really shines as a great and simple way for users to get the power they need!

How does wireless charging work?

In recent years a lot of research has been conducted on wireless charging systems, with the Qi low-power standard being developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) supported by the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization. This Qi standard is already in use with the practical application of electromagnetic induction charging in mobile devices.

Where would I actually take advantage of this?

In short, you can use this technology anywhere! Wireless charging technology is being adopted in a wide range of fields from consumer level electronics to Electric Vehicles (EV’s). Consumer level electronics are an ideal target as mentioned earlier majority of people are using smart phones and at the end of the day (or sometimes multiple times a day) we all need to charge up! And having a wireless pad on the bedside table to place your device on rather than worrying about plugging in a cable and it not making a good connection causing the device to not charge.

Where can I get the coils for my design?

TDK offer a great range of Tx and Rx coil units that are designed to satisfy the growing user demand for easy and frequent charging. With the Tx coils acting as the primary winding and the Rx acting as secondary windings both solutions developed with a broad line-up to suit key WPC Qi Specifications. The Rx coils come in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 1.25mm and all Rx coils are designed with magnetic attractor materials to support the magnetic alignment.

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